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Supplier Relationship Management

It manages relationships
with suppliers.


SRM – Supplier Relationship Management is the Waterfall module – from the Efashion Software suite dedicated to the fashion business – for the management of supplier relationships. It allows the production and logistics chain to be coordinated and monitored.SRM manages interactions and can easily be interfaced with the company ERP system for the bidirectional sharing of business information. It enables you to communicate better and grow further, optimizing the fashion supply chain and increasing business.

It encourages dialogue and facilitates it, increasing and simplifying fashion company deals.Just like uniting different lands and putting them in touch with one another through a shared pool of calm water, companies can coordinate with one another thanks to SRM. It is a simple and immediate tool that brings together, integrates and updates the most important communications. This allows for complete control over production and the correct management of relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.Because innovation allows relationships to grow.



Supplier contract management

It keeps all relationships under control.


Off-site quality inspector scheduling

It schedules the work of external quality inspectors.


Order history filing

It doesn’t forget anything and optimizes processes.


Production progress online

It allows you to always be one step ahead, ready and aware, even when you are working remotely.


Garment safety tests (toxicity, counterfeiting)

It guarantees reliability and traceability.


Ability to enlarge photos, images and other files (QC purposes)

It communicates clearly and at a glance.

In addition

For a production manager...

who has to schedule production, assigning the correct quantities and monitoring their progress.Thanks to SRM, the fashion logistics and production chain can be coordinated and monitored, connecting the company with material, service and finished product suppliers online. It creates a network of all the operators involved, which will only have access to the information that concerns them.It enables you to decide which events need monitoring, defining a process workflow as desired that allows you to keep production progress constantly under control, avoiding any misalignments.

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